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Wireless Connection
Your wireless connection with MSWorldNet needs no end-user setup or configuation. When your antenna is installed, a technician will ensure you're receiving a strong signal and also verify that your secure wireless link is setup.

If you call in to report a problem, the technician on the phone is likely going to direct you to the antenna settings / information page. This information can be accessed locally by any computer on your internal / home network by pointing your web browser at the following URL: Problems, What You Can Do...
If you experience problems getting connected to the Internet, the first thing to check is see if the problem is isolated to the site / information you are trying to retrieve. A good test is to try to bring up some standard webpages like google, yahoo or any other large corporate website. If after checking multiple websites, things still aren't working you can reboot / restart your antenna. This is done by either power cycling (unplugging / plugging the power) your antenna or navigating to the antenna status page (address above) and using the built-in reboot option.

(Note: Rebooting your antenna could take 1 - 2 minutes before being fully operational again. Please be patient).

If after rebooting your antenna, your still having problems, please contact us. A technician will remotely diagnosis the antenna with you over the phone to determine where a problem might be occurring.

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