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Personal Web Space
As part of our standard Internet service, our customers are allocated personal web space to create their own web page, upload pictures for family or friends or just use to store files for access from anywhere in the world.

What Is My URL?
The URL for your home directory is:

Where login is your login/username used for dialup access as well as your email (

For example: if your login was bob then the URL to your home page would be

How Do I Access My Personal Web Space?
The first thing to do is obtain an FTP Client so you can upload your web pages to our server (this is assuming you already have a web site created).

The following is a free / opensource FTP client that works extremely well.
  • FileZilla
    Visit the SourceForge project page to download the latest version, or download a local copy. It's recommended that you download directly from SourceForge to ensure that you have the latest version which will have the latest bug fixes and security patches. When downloading from the SourceForge project page, download the "FileZilla_<VERSION>_setup.exe" version. This download will contain a windows installer to get FileZilla installed on your computer. The other downloads included on the SourceForge download page are of interest to programmers and developers.

If you prefer a commerical product, you can use any of the following FTP clients. Most of these have 30 day trial periods for you to decide if you want to buy. Now that you have an FTP Client you must set it up for our server:

To use your FTP client, follow the following guidelines for configuration. Refer to the user's manual for your particular client to learn how it works:

  • The host is
  • You must use your login id and password to copy files to your directory.
  • When you logon you will automatically be placed in your home directory (/~login)
OK...I Logged In, Now What?
Once you login you should be in your home directory. You should see two directories, Private and WWW. Any data or files that you transfer to Private will only be accessible to you. You can use this area to sensitive information that you do not wish others to access. The WWW directory is your configured website directory. Any files you upload there will automatically be available for the world to view and download. If you attempt to upload files into your root directory (where you are placed when you automatically logon), you will be denied access. Switch to the Private or WWW directory to upload your files.

When transfering files to and from your FTP, be sure you have Binary Transfer mode selected, otherwise the files may become corrupt and unreadable.

Why Don't My Pages Automatically Come Up?
When people visit your site, they don't necessary specify a document to load at first. Your links may direct them to load specific documents during the course of their navigation of your site. Our server is configured to automatically look for the following files (in order) when none is specied to load as the default:
  • Default.htm
  • Default.html
  • Index.htm
  • Index.html
If no files with that name are found, the server displays a directory listing of all the files located within that directory.

I Keep Getting An Access Denied Error! What's wrong?
Are you attempting to upload to the root of your home directory (/~login)? Your root directory is specified as read only access. In order to upload files you must change your directory to Private or WWW.

If you are uploading to the Private or WWW directory, how much data have you already uploaded? Your default storage space is limited to 10 MB of space. If you require additional space, we encourage you to checkout our additional Web Hosting options.

Argh! I Give Up...
Still having problems, contact us for assistance. We have extensive web development skills and hosting experience.

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