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Top 10 Questions
When you work technical support, you commonly find people have the same types of problems or questions. This is a brief list of our most frequent questions:
  • Why do I get illegal operations when I check my e-mail?
    Sometimes, the "inboxes" in mail programs become corrupted. When you check mail, the inbox files need to be working properly to accept the new messages. To fix this problem, in most cases, all you need to do is delete the inboxes and let the program recreate them as needed. To do this in Windows95, you can go to [start] [find files or folders] and type, "inbox". For Netscape Mail, you will need to highlight and delete the file "inbox" and the file "inbox.snm". For Internet Mail, you will need to highlight and delete the files "inbox.idx" and "inbox.mbx". For these and other mail programs you can also go to the File Manager in Windows 3.1 or the Windows Explorer in Win95 and follow the path to your mail program and delete the inboxes from there. (Click the hard drive, then look for the program's folder (Netscape, etc…) and double-click it and then look for the mail folder and highlight and delete the inboxes.) This solution will also delete the messages currently stored in the inboxes, but will, in most cases correct the problem.

  • How do I view an attachment in my e-mail?
    If you are using a Microsoft product, such as Internet Mail or Outlook Express, you double click on the "paper clip" in the message list and it will open the attachment. If you are using a Netscape product, such as Netscape Mail or Communicator, you go to the bottom of the message and click on the "link" to the attachment.

  • When I try to connect, why do I get a message telling me to recheck my password?
    Make sure that you have only your login and not your whole e-mail address in the "user name" field on the connection screen. Also make sure that it is typed exactly as it should be. The servers are very case and spelling sensitive. Sometimes, it is the dialer that needs to be replaced with a new file, but try rebooting the computer first and then making sure of the username and password.

  • Why won't my Netscape/Internet Explorer browse?
    Be sure that you are connected. Sometimes a connection is dropped, but the computer doesn't "tell" you. If you are using Windows95, you can click the start button and then run. Type "netstat -r" to find out if you are connected and how far the connection reaches (the router? The server? Etc…) If the dos window opens but no numbers other than zero appear, you are not connected. Windows 3.1 can also do this by clicking on the MS-DOS prompt and typing the same thing. If you are connected, have you cleared your cache/temporary internet files lately? In Netscape, you can go to options and then network preferences and press the clear memory cache now and the clear disk cache now. In Internet Explorer, you can go to view then options and clear temporary internet files on the general tab.

  • Why do I keep getting dropped while connected?
    Do you have call waiting? Have you been idle (not loading a page or sending an email or making an file transfer) through the server for more than just a few minutes? Is there any disturbance on the phone line? Did you have a program experience an illegal operation while connected? Are you using a 56K modem that is in conflict with the modem of your provider (X2 versus Kflex technology)?

  • Why does my mail program tell me that I'm receiving message 1 of ___ messages but I don't get any mail?
    When there is a message that is too large to be retrieved from the server, it acts as a cork of sorts, clogging up the mail box. Your computer is "told" that there are messages, but is unable to download them. If a message is too large to retrieve, it can be deleted by request by your technical support staff.

  • I uploaded my html files for my web page, but I don't see any of it at my web address. Where is it?
    If you had no errors uploading your files, but you see no evidence of it on your site, make sure that your files are inside your html directory, and not just your home directory. The web browsers are looking only for the information inside your html directory, and won't "know" that you have files anywhere else. Also, make sure that you have your index.html files included in your files that you upload. This is your first page and determines what is seen on your page.

  • I have a 56K modem, but I never get 56K connection.
    There are many factors that determine the speed connection you get on the internet. Line noise/disturbance, distance from then connecting modem, traffic on the lines, and other conflicts can slow down the potential connection speed. There are many published modem initialization strings that can streamline a signal and possibly increase connection rate; they are specific to the modem's manufacturer and model and are available by searching the web.

  • Is one browser any better than another?
    In some cases, it would seem that one will be more compatible with an individual's computer, but it really is a matter of opinion.

  • I get connected, but when I open my browser it can't find a DNS entry for the site.
    A number of things could cause this. First, make sure that the site is a valid address. Try typing another address or surfing from a search engine. If you aren't able to view a page or also have a "not able to make a socket connection" message, you may have multiple winsock files. In Windows95, click your start button and then find-files or folders. Search for winsock. If you have any winsock.dll files other than a 42kb file in the windows\system directory and/or a 42kb file in the windows\system\backup directory, you may be losing your socket/internet connection. In Windows 3.1, you can click File and then search for winsock.*.* . If you do not have a winsock.dll file in the directory with your browser/dialer, or have more than one winsock.dll file, you may be losing your connection. You can rename extra winsock.dll files to winsock.old to try to correct the problem. If you have no winsock errors, try clearing your cache/temporary internet files. If your DNS entries are correct in your connection properties (and network properties in Win95) and you still are not able to browse, then you may have lost your connection due to modem incompatibility, corrupt files in your browser, traffic on the net, or problems outside of your control on the net. Further investigation may be needed. Remember, your technical support staff is always ready to assist you with solving your internet usage.

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