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High-Speed Wireless
Living in the country or outside of a major metropolitian area has typically meant no high-speed Internet. In those remote areas where high-speed Internet was available...prices were inflated and service unreliable. But no longer! MSWorldNet is actively expanding and deploying wireless using the 802.11a/b/g protocols to the outlying communities around the Stevens Point area. We're bridging the "last-mile" and bringing affordable high-speed Internet access to everyone!

Download our wireless brochure to learn more!

All of our wireless plans include the following options:
  • 3 FREE Email Accounts (An $8.85 value)
  • 10 MB of Personal Web Space FREE! (A $9.95 value)
  • FREE Virus and SPAM filtering for your email!
  • Fully encrypted wireless network for security to prevent eavesdropping or spying on you!
  • Built-in NAT router (optional/recommended), to allow multiple computers (up to 253) to be connected. (Also works as a basic / simple firewall). FREE! (A $75.00 value)
  • No equipment to purchase! ($300-$600 savings)

We have several pricing options and terms available based on your location. Please review the list below and contact us with your package choice at.

Prepay Options & Prices
Term Speed Price Monthly
Installation Description
24 Months
256K   $958.80   $39.95   $75.00 24 months of Internet service. $75 installation fee and no equipment to purchase! Full amount due at signing.
384K   $1054.80   $43.95  
768K   $1390.80   $57.95  
12 Months
256K   $479.40   $39.95   $150.00 12 months of Internet service. $150 installation fee and no equipment to purchase! Full amount due at signing.
384K   $527.40   $43.95  
768K   $695.40   $57.95  
6 Months
256K   $269.70   $44.95   $150.00 6 months of Internet service. $150 installation fee and no equipment to purchase! Full amount due at signing.
384K   $293.70   $48.95  
768K   $377.77   $62.95  
Prices Do Not Include Applicable Federal, State & County Taxes
On terms of 6 months or more you can have your installation charge and service plan split up into equal monthly payments for the length of the term. We deduct the charges from your savings or check account or charge your VISA or Master Card. For this service add $4.00 per month.

SAVE!!! Special pricing is available to customers if we co-locate a repeater / mesh node at your installation site. Installation of a repeater / mesh node is determined based on demographics and existing wireless coverage in the area. Not all sites are eligible for co-location, a minimum requirement is a tall structure (silo, tower, building, hill, etc.) that dominates the landscape. During your site survey we will discuss this possibility with you if you are interested.

If you're able to find a lower price for high speed wireless Internet service, please let us know. Be sure you read the fine print and make sure there are no hidden costs. Before you sign up with our competitors, we'll gladly look over their pricing and service plan and see if we can match or beat their price! We're here to serve you!

Coverage Area(s)
We are aggressively expanding our coverage area to provide high speed wireless service to more customers. Our wireless infrastructure and design allows us to quickly and rapidly expand through the use of MESH related technology. Although we may not yet have access in your area, please let us know you're interested! We will focus our efforts in those areas which have the highest demand. Our current coverage areas are as follows:
  • Arnott area (home of MSWorldNet)
  • Southern Plover (near Menards)
  • Northeastern Stevens Point (Hwy 10 & Cty J)
Business Class Internet Access
We specialize in providing wireless services to all business, both large and small. Call and we can customize a business plan to suite your needs. We can offer speeds comparable to T1 and higher if required. We believe you'll find our business pricing and plans to be uncomparable!

Getting Hooked Up...
Are you ready to get connected? Contact us to request a site survey or additional information. Please provide your address and a brief description of your location (i.e. on a hill, surrounded my trees, etc.). Don't delay!

Note: Site surveys and installations are done by appointment, typically done after 5PM weekdays and on Saturdays.

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